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Queens Services

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  Image is Everything.
Description: Achieving results for your business with impact and effectiveness is our specialty. Queens Services will design an imaging campaign that will make consumers take notice. Make your message stand out from the background noise of traditional marketing. Our creative team will define and propel your business image to the next level and beyond. More affordable than you think!

Price: $250.00

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  Queens Services New Media Applications
Description: What is New Media and Web 2.0? New Media, simply put, places the power of communicating your message in your hands. You are in control of your message. Your message is 100% targeted. Web 2.0 is the next level of internet communication. Web 2.0 refers to the applications that make these new communications tools possible. The seven major applications of Web 2.0 are: Blogs RSS Feeds Podcasting Wikis Widgets Mash-ups Social Networking Queens Services can custom tailor these applications for your business. Why Podcast? Today's consumers are plugged-in, physically mobile, and mentally agile. If your company's message isn't moving as fast as they are, you aren't keeping up. If your message is able to establish and maintain a relationship with them, it taps into a lifetime of loyalty and preference. Podcasting is an affordable business-class solution that applies to very small, small, medium-sized, large and very large businesses that have KEY CONTENT they want to distribute to a WIDE audience. What is a Podcast? A podcast is an audio or video presentation which is distributed over the internet. A combination of iTunes and Broadcasting. The main distinction between simple audio and video on the web and an actual podcast is associated with an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. This allows consumers to subscribe to your podcast, and they will be alerted every time you publish a new one. This technology presents another opportunity for your business or organization to extend it's message. Reaching consumers globally and at the same time, building a base of subscribers tuned in to what YOU have to say. Price $ 150.00 and up for these services

Price: $150.00

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