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Goin' Postal Wilkeboro

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1802 US Hwy 421
Wlikesboro, NC

336-903-4928 fax

Goin' Postal, a local packing and shipping store conveniently located at 1802 US Hwy 421 in Wilkesboro, across from Walmart, is the only ****authorized shipper in the area for BOTH FedEx and UPS and also offers DHL, and Post Office services such as stamp sales and Priority Mail. Goin' Postal offers cheerful and professional service, low shipping rates, and long hours:
Monday-Friday _8am_-_6pm, Saturday _10am_-_2pm.

Tired of waiting in line to buy stamps or to mail letters and parcels? Skip the wait and the long lines by going straight to Goin' Postal! You can get stamps and can send Priority Mail, Express Mail, First Class Mail, Parcel Post Mail, Media Mail, Express Mail and Certified and Return Receipt Mail in a flash at Goin' Postal.

Bring your antiques, cherished and fragile items, oversized items, and eBay items to Goin' Postal to be lovingly and carefully packed by our professional packers, and shipped to their destinations quickly and safely by any major carrier of your choice. Goin' Postal can even make custom boxes and crates for everything from Faberge Eggs to big screen t.v.s and armoires.

Other services include fax and copy service, mailbox rentals, printing services, greeting card sales, custom photographic gift items such as weatherproof life-size photographic stand-ups of your friends and pets, mugs, license plates and mouse pads, and other services such as _______________________________________________________________.

Monday: 8 - 6
Tuesday: 8 - 6
Wednesday: 8 - 6
Thursday: 8 - 6
Friday: 8 - 6
Saturday: 10 - 2
Sunday: closed


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