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Ropat, Inc

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4125 Mtn View Rd PO Box 351
Hays, NC

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Hire a bookkeeper if you're too busy to keep your books.

Many part-time or contract bookkeepers work at an hourly rate. RP Business Service offers over 35 plus years experience serving as Owner Operator of small businesses. Assessing needs and developing budgets for all business operation. Analyzing and projecting cost in terms for greater profitability.

Implementing budget and monitoring all expenditures to assure conformance with over all goals. By using the experience to ultimately share this acquired knowledge to assist others in the same level of success.

Over 11 years experience in Home Care. Medicaid issues, CCME, billing and compliance issues.

Hire a small business service company, if you're too busy to keep your books. RP Business Service is your outsourcing contact.

Our fees are more then competitive. You can hire RP Business by the hour, or we can tailor your fee by project contract.

Give us a call to discuss your needs. It is FREE for a consultation. 336-262-0266


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