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Wilkes Disc Golf Club

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Disc Golf Comes to Wilkesboro

What Is Disc Golf?

Well, it's exactly as the name says... "golf" that you play with "discs" (or "frisbees"). It is a very fun, very affordable and very, very addictive alternative to "ball golf" (the one played with clubs and dimpled balls). It has its own variations, challenges and aspects, but in general is very similar to its name-sake. The courses are smaller and shorter than "ball golf" courses disc golf holes average 200 to 250 feet per hole instead of 250 to 300 yards (750 to 900 feet) on "ball golf" courses. But discs thrown by hand typically don't fly as far as balls struck with clubs.

How Do You Play?

Just like ball-golf, the goal is to get from the "tee" to the "hole" in as few strokes as possible. Most often, you are competing against other players' scores - either in a tournament or a small group. The lowest score for the round (typically 9 or 18 holes) wins. Disc golf isn't always competitive, however. You can play for fun; as singles, doubles or teams.

How Big is the Hole For Disc Golf?

Well, the holes aren't a "hole in the ground" like in ball golf, but instead are truly a "target". The targets sit about 4 feet tall and consist of a pole, a basket, a top-rack and chains that hang down from the top-rack to deflect discs into the basket. Shots at the goal can be made from any approaching angle (360).

Interested in Playing Disc Golf?

Wilkes County now has a club. The Wilkes County Disc Golf Club was founded and incorporated in NC as a non-profit in July 2009. They meet (during the winter) every two weeks for a tournament. Entry is typically from $7 to $10 per player. Prizes are awarded to the winners and special prizes for long drives, long putts and closest-to-the-poles.

Wilkes County doesn't currently have a course, but the club is working on the plans and proposals for that to occur. They set up a temporary course in Wilkesboro at the Wastewater Treatment Center. The next tournament and fun-round are coming up this week - Saturday, February 6, 2010.

Be at the Wilkesboro Wastewater Treatment Center at 9:45am Saturday (the 6th of Feb) if interested in playing in the tournament, learning more about the game or playing in the fun-round; they have discs to borrow for free. While the tournament is being played, fun-rounders are free to play the temporary course as well. There are no age requirements, but adult supervision is required for anyone under 18.

The WCDGC looks forward to growing this fun and affordable game's popularity here in Wilkes and knows that, like its 59 members, once you play, you'll love it too.


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